21:00 – Suonatori della Valle del Savena

The traditional band Suonatori della Valle del Savena witnesses the musical culture of the valleys around Bologna to the audience of the city. The band brings together on the scene three generations of players, everyone coming from a traditional apprenticeship; they perform the repertoire of the ancient dances  “by ear”, along with waltz, mazurka and polka, edited during the last decades by the small local ensambles.


23:00 – Archam

Archam is a bad awful band, that plays horribly. Nobody knows why people dance and have fun with their music, but they do. Their pieces, an atrocious mix of French, Irish, Sardinian and other Mediterranean influences, in some weird way are able to catch our poor dancers. This disgusting phenomenon started in Bologna, a notorious perdition place, thanks to the well known Giovani Danzatori Bolognesi, who nurtured and protected its creepy members.

Notice that the name “Archam” comes from arciàm, a Bolognese word that means “call”. Hence you can deduce the evil cheatful nature of such an empious entity.

Its conspiring participants, useless nothing-doers, have been recognized and reported several times.

Fosca: violin and voice
Giorgio: accordion
Elisabetta: accordion, whistle
Lippo: guitaand flutes
Luca: guitar, mandola and bass ukulele
Sebastiano: cajon, darbuka, voice
Gloria: musical hacksaw and voice