18:00-20:00 – Musicanti D’la Bása

A group that specialises in popular (or folk) dances from the mid-XVIII century to the 40’s-50’s.

The traditional music of our lands, researched and collected by the older generation of musicians and their successors, is associated with tavern songs and post-war canzonetta; the Musicanti will entertain us with notes awashed by the memories of the past and the present, captivating us and making us discover/rediscover the traditional music of Emilia.

Musicanti D’la Bàasa:
Luca Lodi: french bagpipe, ocarina of Budrio
Nicholas Marturini: chromatic accordion, diatonic accordion
Riccardo Gatti: hurdy-gurdy, drums
Giovanni Varelli: cromatic accordion, rythmic guitar
Diego Devincenzi: doublebass

Website: Musicanti D’la Bàsa
Spotify: Musicanti D’la Bàsa


20:30-22:30 – Snaarmaarwaar

Straight from Belgium, these three excellent musicians will delight us with their splendid music that blends an energetic groove with warm and enchanting melodies. Traditional tunes sit alongside with modern ones, the music is both lively and introspective, delicate and rhythmic. You can be sure that they will make us dance all night long with all the energy we can express!

Maarten Decombel: mandola
Ward Dhoore: mandoline
Jeroen Geerinck: guitar

Website: Snaarmaarwaar
Spotify: Snaarmaarwaar


23:00-01:00 – Geronimo

You know him well, he plays with some of the most famous groups of the folk world: Hot Griselda, Triple X, and in one of the groups that you will hear play tonight, Snaarmaarwaar. Do you think that only a guitar, all by itself, is not enough to make you dance all night? You will change your mind after you have heard Geronimo! Thanks to his extraordinary talent he will surprise you with intriguing and varied songs. It will be the perfect conclusion to these three days of the festival!

Facebook: Geronimo