14:30 – Toc toc toc

The music of Toc toc toc lies between alpine mountains, volcanoes of Auvergne and Aosta Valley. In this cross-regional team, Anne-Lise Foy, Vincent Boniface and Stéphane Millleret form a touching and accomplice trio.
The voice of Anne-Lise, revealed by “traditional” instruments (blast instruments, diatonic accordion, hurdy-gurdy) offers a sensitive and creative sound.
Toc toc toc is the need to create a sound space, inside which everyone can experience his positive emotions but also the bitterness of life, a commitment to carry a message of sharing and confrontation, a sound and poetic laboratory. As in the dance to which the audience is invited, the encounter remains the best moment of our lives.

Toc toc toc:
Vincent Boniface: bagpipe, clarinet, flutes, diatonic accordion
Anne-Lise Foy: voice, hurdy-gurdy
Stéphane Milleret: diatonic accordio

16:30 – Uva Grisa

Uva Grisa (Sour Grapes) was born in Bellaria Igea Marina (RN) in 1981, as an artistic experience, aggregation and permanent research around traditional culture in Romagna. Its purpose was to strenghten local community roots and its links to the values ​​of the territory, with the aim of rediscovering some social and aesthetic contents of its own culture. The band has built its musical matrix visiting the taverns, and especially people’s houses, to sing the Pasquella, the ritual begging song of Epiphany. This is why it always looks for street events in close contact with people.
Uva Grisa also loves to make people dance. Thanks to its “historical” violinist Mario Venturelli, it resumed the old repertoire: waltzes, polkas, mazurkas, etc., composed between the late nineteenth century and the first decades of the last century by local authors who remained unknown in many cases .
Since the early 1990s, thanks to the ethnomusical and dance research conducted throughout Romagna by Pino Gala and Gualtiero Gori, and also to the contributions of Roberto Bucci, Alberto Montanari, Mauro Platani in the Faenza’s area, the band has extended its own activities for the practice and teaching of ethnic dances that remained alive in rural areas until the 1950s. With the project The beauty of popular music, from 2017, Uva Grisa extended its educational activities also to music workshops about the traditional repertoires of singing and dance music.

18:30 – Aérokorda

Aérokorda is a young folk band from Belgium that plays energetic, yet sometimes restrained folk music with Celtic and Slavic influences. Pavel Souvandjiev at the violin, Adriaan Van Wonterghem at the guitars and Davy Cautaerts at the tin whistles and the octave mandolin formed the band in October 2016.
Pavel is half Bulgarian and a classically trained violin player, this combination can be clearly heard in the way he plays. He has performed all over Europe with his other project, Les Bottines Artistiques, and is now ready for a new adventure with Aérokorda. Adriaan was also classically trained as a guitar player and created his own specific style of playing that often adds a romantic touch in Aérokorda’s music. Adriaan also plays with another Belgian folk band called Boreas. Davy has spent several years specializing in Celtic music, which he is very passionate about, and is the session leader of a weekly traditional Irish session in Ghent’s Irish pub. He also plays whistle in a Folkmetalband called Ithilien.
The three young musicians proudly present their first album: Hush the Wolves!
Davu Cautaerts: tin whistles, octave mandola
Pavel Souvandjiev: violin
Adriaan Van Wonterghem: guitars