14:30-16:30 – Cocanha

Three voices, grounded, resonant, moving with sharp and edgy percussions: Toulouse is the meeting point of this trio, which proudly sings its Occitan language of daily life, an absolute playground for them. The three musicians dig into the traditional repertoire and embody this resounding and vivid material. They emphasize their dancing nature and deliver it as an exuberant percussive polyphony. Hands and feet tap out the rhythms of the dance. The Pyrenean tamborin de còrdas or stringed-drum sets the percussive drone, raw and captivating, bringing a vital beat to the singing. Melodies, harmonies, and vocal rhythms create an alchemy of voices: the sustaining drone, the shining high notes, the unison that grabs you in the guts… A vast range of sounds that gets your imagination flying.


16:50-18:30 – Carampana

This quartet, leaded by the violinist and ethnomusicologist Roberto Bucci, represent the truest tradition of “staccato” (no contact dance) and “liscio” (contact dance) from Romagna and Bolognese mountains. A really rich dance repertoire that is unfortunately in danger of oblivion.


18:50-20:50 – KV Express

From Belgium travels KV Express – a group centered on the band’s founder Sophie Cavez, who is one of Belgium’s most prolific accordion-players. Together with Bo Waterschoot on bass guitar, they create a fresh sound combining folk, jazz and rock, mixed with many traditional world styles, particularly from the southern parts of the European and American continents.
Featuring many of Sophie’s own compositions, KV Express have released two albums to date: LUNA in 2007 and D-Sensation in 2010. Both deliver the KV Express slice of Belgian folk-roots music performed with punch, rhythmic variety and ease. They showcase top quality Belgian tunes for lovers of relaxing, creative and crossover acoustic music. As coined by one reviewer, KV Express play bal folk music (beautiful waltzes, polkas, scottishes) at Belgian folk festivals and clubs, which is made for dancing but you can have great fun to listen to as well!
With the new and 3rd album Zafon, they are ready to make you enjoy again.

Sophie Cavez: diatonic accordion, arrangements
Bo Waterschoot: bass guitar
Jo Zanders: drums


22:00-23:40 – Tomma Tommë

Domenico Celiberti and Alessia Cravero, multi-instrumentalists and singers, have been engaging themselves for many years in several projects of folk musical traditions from the South of Italy. They will be accompanied here by Antonella Tavaglione, young and talented singer and tambourine player from Gargano. Their repertoire focuses on the typical polyphonic songs and the dancing traditions, in a musical journey through Apulia, Campania, Basilicata and Calabria.