18:00-20:00 –  “Mauro Burnelli” music contest

The 3 finalists of the music contest will perform 30 minutes each with the two pieces they have sent for the contest, plus other balfolk pieces at their own choice. During the night of the 9th of June the winners will be chosen and awarded!


21:00-23:00 – Komred

Komred are five young musicians who discovered together the traditional music and dance of Auvergne, in Gamounet, at Les Brayauds association of the Champion brothers, who promoted the knowledge of Auvergne’s musical and dance roots. They are always at the service of dancers with a rich variety of arrangements amazingly exploiting the timbres and sounds of the different instruments. Bourrées and other traditional melodies are worked out, digested, colored… always respecting style, phrasing and cadence. Bringing their own compositions to this rich local repertoire, Komred‘s musicians offer an energetic and lively Auvergnat ball, with the bourrée in triple time as the driving force!

Clémence, Mathilde, Antoine, Cyril and Loïc meet in the ensemble music workshop in the association Les Brayauds, under the supervision of Jean-Marc Delaunay, Sonia Rogowski and Basile Brémaud. After several years discovering how cool it is to play music for dancers, they decided in 2003 to found their own group: these five musicians play in a comité réduit, that’s why their name is “komred”.
The band starts playing at several balls all over France. Their success leads them to record several albums and win a lot of prizes and competitions.


23:20-01:20 – Bilaka

Bilaka is the dance production center of the Basque Country. A collective from Bayonne that welcomes and brings together dancers and musicians in research and conservation projects about the intangible heritage of the Basque Country, from its most popular roots to the most avant-garde expression.

These traditional Basque dance and music specialists will be present at the Reno Folk Festival 2018, not only for the concert and to present their Soka show, one of their recent creations, but also to introduce two Basque traditional dance workshops and a “trad” dance.

01:40-03:40 – Duo Montanaro-Cavez

An accordion, a violin
A journey between the north winds and the eastern moods
An emotion, sometimes improvised, free, kind or tensed
A music without frontiers, without a name… free

Cavez-Montanaro is a duo known for its musicality.
Sophie and Baltazar, because of their mutual respect and natural complicity, are together even more expressive. This duo, made by a diatonic accordion and a violin, is able to let us experience  a truly intimate travel.

The Duo released in 2015 his third opus Le troisième temps, with a new sound: the baryton violin of Baltazar.

Baltazar Montanaro (France, Marseille): violin, baryton violin
Sophie Cavez (Belgium): diatonic accordion