16:00 – 18:00- Osteria del Mandolino

Osteria del Mandolino

Osteria del Mandolino

Mandolins, guitar, ocarina, double bass and the accordion meet at the Osteria del Mandolino, an introspective place born out of the mists of the past, a place where old things return to life, where it is still possibile to listen to serenades, be twenty years old and dance hugged together, and, in a journey of discovery, where we can enter in contact with the most intimatest and truest part of ourselves.

Playing these instruments, this repertoire, is like returning home after having travelled for a long time; while completing this nostalgic journey, you will meet the ocarina, the Bolognese land which plays since 1853. This land, which falls away from the dancers’ feet, becomes a sound, it makes their steps lighter and more vorticose their spins.

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Osteria del Mandolino:
Domenico Celiberti: mandolin, violin and voice
Antonio Stragapede: mandolin and guitar
Marco Visita Marcheselli: Bolognese organino
Federico Massarenti: ocarina of Budrio
Nicolò Scalabrin: guitar
Peppe Aiello: doublebass


19:30 – 21:30 – Blue Reed Trio

This meeting of minds and music of three musicians (Valerio Rodelli, Massimiliano Felice and Matteo Giuliani), coming from different styles and trainings, has led to the birth of this interesting ensemble: the Blue Reed Trio. Ranging from jazz to folk, with fleeting tastes of reggae and latin-american music, they will accompany us in a unique voyage that alternates moments of extreme tenderness and of unbridled force. Let us prepare ourselves to enjoy their music that captivates and entertains, gratifying the ear of the audience but also the untiring and unfettered dancing feet.

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22:00 – 00:00 – Andrea Capezzuoli e Compagnia

Stories, legends, songs, ballads and dances of Northern Italy will be seasoned with sounds, melodies and rhythms coming from diverse regions of Europe and America: from the romance of the French mazurka to the overwhelming energy of the Québec reels. A music that is a blend of folk and jazz, traditional and innovative, that entertains, captures the public or drags them into a musical journey and a recreation full of energy and complexity; characterised by the typical joy of the festival and the pleasure of good music and created by accordions, guitar, violin and voices accompanied by drumming of feet (podorythmie) and the typical Québécois percussion that lends a unique touch to this sound.

Website: Andrea Capezzuoli e Compagnia
YouTube Channel: Andrea Capezzuoli e Compagnia


00:30 – 02:30 – Parapente 700

“Parapente (paraglider) is an idea of unlimited freedom, an image of universal dance, where every body, from one side to the other, is nothing more than a free expression of thought”

When the music transports the dancers here and there, cradled in the embrace of a violin and a concertina, among the water, mazurkas, air polskas, earth circles and fire scottish, this music renews, reinterprets and recreates itself every time. It blends ordinary rhythms with influences from the past. The group has travelled all over Europe and their style is characterised by different influences: Italian, French, Swedish, Portuguese and others.

In a group or as a couple, they invite you to dance to their music!

Facebook: Parapente 700