It is a Community Amateur Sport Club headquartered in Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna) for the last 50 years. Based on a Giovanni Masi’s idea, the Polisportiva grew by promoting the importance of sport and physical education in the whole community of the city. Its members have always met the Club’s needs, they provided facilities for eligible and qualified sports, in a healthy and culturally rich environment: they encourage people to take part in them. Moreover, they insisted to avoid segregation and racial discriminations based on sex, religion, political belief, race or ethnicity.

Nowadays, the community is proud to count 8 thousands associates, tens of different sports and wellness courses, boys and girls at a competitive level, school or charitable integration programs, internships, several pools and gyms spread in the area, and so on.

In this “Masi’s World” enthusiasm and passion lead to concrete projects and outcomes.
Giovanni Masi himself was used to say “Let’s make every effort to allow every teenager to freely express what their body are willing to”.

Their programs tell much more than words: there are 30+ local amateur sports, courses, activities, events and much social commitment.

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