Thanks to the Cartographic Archive of the Emilia-Romagna Region, plenty of publications and maps will be available during the festival that allow everybody to venture into surrounding territory also independently.

Surroundings: Gessi Bolognesi Natural Park (Bologna’s Gypsum Park)

The red dot shows Reno Folk Festival location: from there you can access one of the largest natural parks of the region with a beautiful karst landscape, in just ten minutes walking time.
If you are tired of being surrounded by buildings and concrete structures and would rather prefer to get back to nature, even if just for just an hour… well, we have what you need! For those arriving on Friday we’ll grant you a very interesting tour in the park!
If you want to discover more, here you can find hiking map of the area and follow the many paths that wind through the regional park of Gessi Bolognesi and the Calanchi della Abbadessa

Bologna: historic center

There will be also maps-guide on the various historical-cultural and geological aspects of the centre of Bologna, to help the curious who want have some adventures and explore the non-obvious places of our beautiful city.