This is the space we are preparing for you to sleep and relax, just 8 minutes walking time from the workshops and dancing halls! The exact address is: Via della Repubblica, 4, 40068 San Lazzaro di Savena (BO).

The Palayuri gym will be open to festival attendees from Friday afternoon to Monday morning and inbetween it will be open and accessible the whole day. The gym venue will be unattended so we recommend you not to leave any valuable item inside while you are not there.

The venue has a wooden floor, so we recommend you to bring both sleeping bag and mattress for a more comfy experience.

Open and free Wi-Fi access is available from inside the gym, thanks to the municipal Wi-Fi service.

The gym is globally equipped with 10 WCs and 6 showers, divided into separate restrooms for men and women. There are 3 showers for men and 3 showers for women. They are open showers (no separations between the 3 different showers), as usual in gyms.

If you want to be sure of having a place in the gym, it is mandatory to fill this form.