La Nottola Aps-Asd is a non-profit association that pursues the goals of social promotion through the protection and enhancement of environmental and natural heritage.
It organizes and promotes sports activities in nature, deals with environmental education for schools and scientific research in the field of natural resources conservation. It supports international cooperation and solidarity, promotes and enhances the principles of pluralism and the encounter between cultures, solidarity between peoples and the development of a responsible, conscious and environmentally friendly tourism. Lastly, it enhancement of rural world’s sustainable legacies, techniques and arts.
Established in 2012, La Nottola Aps-Asd is soon involved in naturalistic and speleological projects in Bosnia Herzegovina, is member of the Consulta dell’Escursionismo di Bologna and organizes several outdoor activities not only in the Emilia Romagna region, but also in the national territory and beyond it.
La Nottola Aps-Asd manages the Naturalistic Museum, the Multimedia Museum, the Visitor Center and the Botanic Garden based in the Nature Reserve and Caves of Onferno (Rimini); it undertakes many speleological activities in Vesso del Gesso Romagnola Parc (Ravenna); it organizes the Mc Candless Cup on Corno alle Scale (Bologna), an engaging and wild event.
Approaching Reno Folk Festival, La Nottola promotes local folk dances in collaboration with local institutions and during the festival it organizes and manages a trekking event and the speleological visit at the Spipola Cave.
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Grotte di Onferno (Gemmano, RN) – tel. 389 199 1683 –
Grotta del Re Tiberio (Riolo Terme, RA) – tel. 389 031 2110 –
Mc Candless Cup (Corno alle Scale, BO) –