Giovani Danzatori Bolognesi

The name we gave ourselves, Giovani Danzatori Bolognesi (Young Dancers from Bologna), yet defines us very well. We are an informal group of people who use folk dances as a social and relational tool. The adjective “young” does not refer to one’s age, but to dynamism, open-mindedness and a great desire to turn the world into something better.

For three years we have been holding a free course based on weekly classes/meetings that turned out to be responding to a real social need: college students – and not only them – have been able to find a meeting place for socializing with real people.

The course has been acknowledged as a moment of aggregation in continuity with ancient traditions that try to survive today and to resist the increasingly globalized industry of cultural practices. Throughout the dance we give back to people the opportunity to be human again. We often dance in the streets creating spontaneous events with the intent to give life to new urban spaces, today too often undervalued and just crossed, not lived.

Our work has no economic return: the motivation that inspires us is the deep passion that binds us all to the folk dances and to the will to bring it back to be a common way to integrate, socialize and meet new people and make experiences.

We all are volunteers.

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Pictures by Diego Billi and Simone Cannova (Produzioni Clandestine) (Produzioni Clandestine)