21:00 – Plantec

An essential part of the new Breton scene, Plantec has succeeded in the last 15 years to impose its unique vision of Fest-Noz (the most famous traditional Breton fair) winning the challenge of constantly renewing their universe. Mixing the powerful rhythms of dance with aerial and hypnotizing compositions, Yannick and Odran have created a unique style mixing acoustic, electric and electronic textures. Kontakt, the eighth album of the group, was released in October 2015 and its thirteen songs, symbol of a Brittany without boundaries, pushed them to make a tour of over 70 dates in Europe, but also in Japan and Togo. From 2016, Plantec embeds the projection of live videos (mapping) that literally transform the scene into a timeless virtual world. In 2018 Plantec published the Mariant CD/DVD (Fest Noz), with videos of the performances offered in the heart of the largest Celtic festival in the world.
Yannick Plantec: guitar
Odran Plantec: bombard
Gabriel N’Dombi: machines

23:00 – Gruppo Folkloristico Val Resia

The Gruppo Folkloristico Val Resia, officially founded in 1838, through music, dances and costumens of the Val Resia community, witnesses a cultural enviroment that’s still alive. Val Resia lights up with music and dances in which the whole community is involved, in many events during the year: on the occasion of the traditional püst (Resiano carnival), or the festivals, conscriptions, weddings, people still dance, handing down the centuries-old tradition from generation to generation.

The only two instruments are the violin, called cítira in the resian language, and the cello, called bünkula. The beat of the foot is the fundamental “third instrument” used to measure rhythm. Since there are no traditional music schools, young people learn to play “by ear” by listening to the more experienced musicians.

01:00 – Tribal Jâze

This talented trio knows how to do everything on the street or on stage, without moving or in movement… also to make the audience dance with precision and enthusiasm. Diatonic accordion, baritone saxophone and drum, Tribal Jâze trains us in a timeless folklore, impregnated with free jazz and rock energy, between old dancing melodies and imaginary gavottes. Then it turns into a soundclash trad’n trash, arbitrated by a fair batter, such as a boxing game or a wrestling fight, while instruments compete in virtuosity, to confront each other in a body to body before their fusion. The music is inspired by the melodies of the past for giving a contemporary interpretation and an  invitation to dance. Most of the dance steps that the musicians take care to explain are accessible to everybody.
Tribal Jâze:
Marc Buvry: baritone saxophone
Cédric Hergault: jâze drum
Flavien Di-Cintio: diatonic accordion