20:00-22:00 – Sonadores de Lobas

The band was created in collaboration with the Lobas association, founded by Gianni Mereu, who has been engaged in spreading Sardinian dances in major national and international festivals for over 30 years. The ensemble uses the most traditional instruments and its repertoire includes many dances from Sardinia characterized by a strong sound and rhythmic impact.


22:30-00:30 – TŠK, Tradicinių Šokių Klubas (Traditional Dance Club)

“We all play as free musicians willingly gathering at dance parties. We all like traditional music and improvisation. Mostly five of us are playing together during events of the Traditional dance club in Vilnius (TŠK). During dance parties we play lithuanian, latvian, estonian, belorusian, polish and elswhere folk dances. In the same group of 5 we often represent TŠK (both playing for dances and teaching how to dance) in bigger events in Vilnius and other cities.”

The Traditional Dance Club
Since the Autumn of 2002 The Association of Lithuanian Ethnic Culture is regularly organizing events of TŠK (Traditional Dance Club) in Vilnius. The main goals of the club are to spread traditional Lithuanian dances to the society and to develop methods of teaching traditional dancing by cooperating with teachers from all over Lithuania and other European countries. This club got popular between all-aged dancers and became Lithuania’s leader of spreading traditional dances. The club is often visited by foreign students and by the representatives of similar clubs in Latvia, Belarus, Estonia and elsewhere. Following the example of this club alike clubs where established in other towns. Dancers from Vilnius club attend their events and initiate educational events to attract local people into the movement of traditional dances!

Daumantas Čepulis: armonika
Teresė Andrijauskaitė: violin, mandolin
Milda Andrijauskaitė: violin, mandolin
Austėja Davulytė: violin
Raminta Medvedevaitė: tambourine

00:50-2:50 – ZEF

“A common desire to shake conventions and to drag the dancers on a breathtaking ride! A mix of strong personalities, a colorful storm on stage … Concerts and dances, electrifying, hypnotic music, from neo-trad to current music. “


This is how the ZEF is introduced: a French band that for over fifteen years has been inspired by the popular transalpine music tradition, rearranged in a modern key with original compositions.

Baltazar Montanaro: violin
Damien Dulau: guitar
Jean-Michel Martineau: bass and flutes
Aurélien Claranbaux: diatonic accordion
Laurent Geoffroy: diatonic accordion