19:30-21:00 – Sùna!



Sùna! (Play!) is more than an order, it is a need! When the music is over and in the air remains the wish to play, to dance and to sing, a shout bursts through the silence and, as if by magic, the feast starts again. It is from this wish to have a ball that Sùna! is born!

Three Apulian musicians, Giovanni and Francesco Semeraro and Domenico Celiberti, make, thank to their voices and their instruments, the sounds and the typical atmosphere of the popular southern Italy’s feasts live again. But now that’s enough talk… SÙNA!


21:30-23:30 – Lyradanz

Have you ever danced a mazurka played by a bowed psaltery? Have you ever got involved in a harp-played bourrée?
If you never lived such a mystical experience you should absolutely come across LyraDanz!
LyraDanz arises from the idea of three musicians, already well-known in the Celtic and bal folk music scene, who share the passion for folk music and experiment inusual instruments in the traditional folk repertoire.
A harp that unexpectedly detaches from the conception of a melodic and airy instrument and discloses a “mediterranean” soul, rhythmical and playful.
A bowed psaltery, almost never used in the bal folk genre and generally tied up with the ancient music domain, here played in a modern way and pushed to the limits of its melodic and vistuosistic potentialities.
A guitar ranging from the manouche to the rumba styles, from flamenco to jazz, that becomes the driving instrument to experimentation.
A fresh, innovative and sparkling project, that explores the French, Occitan, Breton, Basque bal folk repertoire along with original compositions.

LyraDanz is a musical project based on a bal folk repertoire, both traditional and original, played with some inusual instruments in the bal folk scene, such the popular harp and the bowed psaltery, and with an innovative approach to the arrangements.

Spotify: Lyradanz

00:00-02:00 – Wim Claeys & Bruno Le Tron

For this concert we have the honour and the pleasure to present you two musicians from the famous and hypnotic group Tref: Wim Claeys and Bruno Le Tron. After 10 years of musical research, they have no limits. As virtuos ambassadors of their instruments, these musicians have travelled the world and played alongside other greats musicians. Their fame is indubitable and we can’t wait to hear them and dance with you on the notes they play!

Wim Claeys & Bruno Le Tron in Tref