Reno Folk Festival is a folk dance and music event, a musical space where it is possible to meet and make people meet each other, with their stories and enthusiasm, in a happy setting.
The festival was born in 2002, thanks to the idea and the will of Polisportiva Masi’s Folk Dances Sector, led at that time by Mauro Burnelli. It had to be an important event for who in that moment frequented the composite, even evocative, landscape of traditional and/or folk dance. Polisportiva Masi started giving courses, detailed workshops and balls, proposing live music in the 80’s. In such a climate, with that history and experience that helped in creating, managing and enhancing traditional dances, the festival grew up during every edition and thanks to each prosition, depending on situations, and managed also to give balls in squares and outdoors.
In 2015 the festival met the experience of the urban folk, a new approach to folk dances that had been representing since 2013 a real innovation in the folk music landscape. Performers and promoters of this new trend in Bologna’s reality are the GDB or the Young Bolognese Dancers . This collaboration, already experimented fruitfully in many joint initiatives, produced in 2016 the Reno Folk Festival “2.0”. We hope that it will allow to build an important festival due to artistic presence and frequencies, a real tribute to a tradition, the popular one, which has been able to process forms of expression of great anthropological and cultural value.
Thanks to the collaboration with ARCI San Lazzaro, we wish for te festival to become more intriguing, both from the artistic point of view, the workshop’s proposal and the participants. Since 2019 ARCI San Lazzare is one of the main organizators of the event, whereas the Polisportiva Masi starts patronising the Reno Folk Festival.

Reno Folk Festival and Giovani Danzatori Bolognesi

Reno Folk Festival – a brief history