Dahlia was in the middle of yet another excruciating Friday evening office meeting when she was brought out of her musings, on why the least ineffective people usually are in charge, by her phone buzzing. She tried to surreptitiously check her phone, although there really was no need for secrecy, Thomas would not have noticed or paused even if one of them was to suddenly strip naked and sing the anthem.

It was a reminder that there was a klandestina that weekend. Though it was quite unnecessary, Dahlia had been excited about this ever since she had decided to go. Even though she had heard about klandestinas she hadn’t had the courage to go for one yet– to be fair, there had been only one so far. But this time she felt more ready, she had also convinced David to come;  a little selfishly as she thought if noone else would dance with her, at least she had one sure partner! The second the words, “so that’s where we are at this week”, Thomas’s signature sign-off  was out of his mouth everyone was already out the door. Murmering good-byes to her colleagues she made a beeline for David.

“So, what do you think it is going to be like?” he wondered without much preamble, “Don’t know, but I’m sure it will be awesome! Although, have you seen the event? It’s from 10pm to 8 am!! I really don’t think it’s possible to dance that long! I don’t think I’ll last till morning!” she fretted. She had hardly finished her worry when David was doubled with laughter. “What?”, she asked annoyed, “why are you laughing? What could possibly be that funny?!”, “You!” he gasped, “you’re the one who thought you were too tired to dance last week and then ended up convincing everyone to stay an hour longer, even though it was a weeknight. And remember last month? ‘Oh Dave I really don’t think I can go dancing tonight, I think I’m going straight home and crash’ and then when I finally arrived you had already been dancing for an hour! And remember the time…” “Okay! Okay! You made your point” Dahlia interupted, a little disgruntled, “still, I can’t wait! And who knows, I might finally be able to tell you what a mazurka lemon is…” she teased.

Saturday evening, Dahlia and David piled into the car with some of their dancing friends. Everyone excitedly trading the latests gossip and news about this world they had created and Dahlia couldn’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia for the various roadtrips she had taken when in university. She felt so glad that she had finally found something that allowed her to feel that carefree again. They were having such fun that the long ride seemed to take no time at all and before she knew it, there she was. The scene before her was quite undescribable, she felt like she was on a set of a Fellini film. The square was filled with people dancing a mazurka, there were maybe hundred couples all in an embrace all moving to the music. They seemed to be dancing seperately and together all at once. It was truly one of the most magically sights that she had witnessed. She took a moment to breathe it all in, to greet the few dancers that she knew and before long she too was right in the bosom of this almost sacred swaying mass.

Night gave way to day almost without her realising, one minute she was dancing with her partner, eyes closed and enjoying the intimate moment and the next it was like someone had turned on the lights. She looked around to find her fellow dancers all bathed in the early morning light with the orange-yellow sky behind them making them seem a painting. Morning however, did not immediately break up the dancing, the music shifted tempo a little and the dancing turned into singing, the sun started to be quite high and the group slowly started to diminish until there were the last ten people remaining. Dahlia found Davide again, they had lost sight of each other once they had arrived, funny she thought to herself she had been worried she wouldn’t have found anyone else to dance with! “Hey there!” she grinned, “So we survived!”, he laughed “Although, now that I’ve stopped dancing I can feel the exhaustion” he mused. “Let’s go get some breakfast” someone yelled and her stomach rumbled in reply. So off they all went, still buzzing from the wonder and enchantment of the night before; David still trying to puzzle out if he had finally danced a mazurka lemon.