ARCI San Lazzaro is a social club founded by a group of San Lazzaro’s citizens in 1977.
At the beginning it was located in an old barn, restored thanks to thousands hours of volunteering. Today, the club is situated in a modern building, in which free Wi-Fi coexists with traditional card games.

This social club promotes culture with meetings of members of all ages and brings local dance-lovers together. Moreover, the club organises regional and national competitions of bocce and billiards. During the yearly overview of jazz music, it organises concerts involving musicians with a worldwide reputation as well. Furthermore, it gives an opportunity for interaction between different generations. The club building also includes a bar and a self-service restaurant providing dinner service, where associates and employees serve traditional dishes.

ARCI San Lazzaro meets Reno Folk Festival:

Further information in web site: Arci San Lazzaro (italian site)